Stuck in a jam

We’re on our way to Wellington to buy some car part or other for an old Lanchester that my husband has been doing up for years. Keeps him happy lol. I tend to tag along on his jaunts as long car journeys are perfect for story planning and plotting. You’re stuck in a car with someone who can’t escape from your idea bouncing, and you, yourself, can’t decide that that the book case needs re-organising before you can possibly sit down with pen and paper, or laptop, to write anything at all. Procrastination is my worst enemy.

Very shortly we shall hit a traffic jam. How do i know this? Well, we’re almost on the m25 now and I’ve never been on that road without there being a jam somewhere. When this inevitable event occurs, I shall get my pen and paper out and bombard my hubby with ideas on the Tea and Moles sequel. It will be difficult because I can’t tell him the Tea and Moles plot line in full because he hadn’t read it yet. It’s going to be my Nanowrimo 2017 book and you can never start planning or researching for this too early. 

Also, just have to post a pic of the Easter bark I made yesterday. How pretty is that? And so much fun to make. 

Take care. 


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