Liquorice truffels and the Easter egg challenge

Thank goodness Easter is over and done with. Don’t get me wrong, I love a long weekend as much as the next person but it might take a few years before I promise home made easter eggs to all the family again. I did get a reprieve though as my sister in law was away so I only had to make two easter baskets in the end. I do still have to make something for her family, and I will, but it might be something different.

I filled the sphere shells, that formed the content of the larger eggs, with liquorice liqueur truffle. The truffle recipe is an old trusted friend from a one day truffle class I did in Brighton some years ago and it has never let me down.  2 parts melted chocolate to one part cream, mix in a bowl – and chill – and roll – and cover in tempered chocolate – and roll in cocoa powder or nuts or anything you fancy.

Liq pic bfunky


When you have mixed the chocolate and cream together you can add a flavouring. I’m quite partial to a liqueur flavouring and use Grand Marnier a lot. This time though, I used a liquorice liqueur that I’d wanted to use for something since I bought it in December at the Como Christmas market and it made the truffle mix stunningly yummy. I then used this to fill the chocolate shells that I had made earlier. I first drilled a small hole in the shells using a metal kebab bbq stick and whilst the truffle mix was soft I piped it into these shells and then chilled. This went remarkably well and I was a little sad having to give them away but, in the fridge, I still had half a bowl left of the stuff and on Sunday evening, whilst catching up on Masterchef, we ate the lot of it – with spoons straight from the bowl. It’s weird how much of this rather rich choc mix we managed to eat before feeling too full of the stuff. It was a beautiful sighing moment though – to start with anyway 🙂

’til the next time peeps.



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