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Pasta à la Anna – the Apecchio way

I have tried for years to make the perfect home made pasta and never really succeded. There are so many different recipes and ways of making it that it makes your head spin and you can’t try them all. My ravioli have either come apart and the filling melting into the water or the pasta has had a grey unpleasant looking apperance. So, whilst on … Continue reading Pasta à la Anna – the Apecchio way

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The drive to Col Buttero

Ciao peeps We’re on the last leg of our summer drive down to Italy. It’s gone remarkably smooth so far (knock on wood and spit :)) It might have something to do with us buying the Flexi fare with Eurotunnel as for the last few years, the trains across the channel have just been getting worse and worse, delayed every single time, and when you’re … Continue reading The drive to Col Buttero

Writing, researching and spreading yourself too thin

Good evening chaps and chapettes Today’s words are all about writing and research and the importance of backing your stories up. I’ve had to go through all my bits and pieces with regards to the four stories I’ve got on the go (all at very different stages) because summer is coming!!! and the conservatory where I normally keep them gets too hot. The heat and … Continue reading Writing, researching and spreading yourself too thin

Good morning from Col Buttero

Just a quickie today to share these beautiful photos with views from our windows. Our italian house is in the mountains outside the small town of Apecchio in le Marche, Italy. The town is well known for its truffles and rather posh beers.  We arrived yesterday (ridiculously early ryanair flight) and opened the pool up for summer. After the dreary weather at home wrote quite … Continue reading Good morning from Col Buttero

Easter egg madness…

Hello chaps and chapettes, It’s almost Easter and every few years my mind starts thinking that I’ve got chocolate making cracked, and I confidently announce that I will make home-made easter eggs for all. This tends to happen when I’ve been playing around with chocolates for a while, with no time constraints and no expectations. This is one of those years. My chocolate tempering success … Continue reading Easter egg madness…