Easter egg madness…

Hello chaps and chapettes,

It’s almost Easter and every few years my mind starts thinking that I’ve got chocolate making cracked, and I confidently announce that I will make home-made easter eggs for all. This tends to happen when I’ve been playing around with chocolates for a while, with no time constraints and no expectations. This is one of those years. My chocolate tempering success rate goes up to, let’s say, 75% (this is very good for me),  and I’ve got some new moulds I really want to use. This year I have eleven large, or medium, eggs to make and each one of those have two or four smaller truffle spheres inside, and I wanted to make easter bark too because I saw some on Pintrest and they look so yummy.

This weekend I started making the eggs, and oh my goodness, it all went wrong. Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far and my kitchen is in the conservatory. With 27 degrees inside when I started I kind of knew that it was not a good idea to make chocs, but I was getting desperate.  The cocoabutter that I’d smeared on the inside of the moulds melted along with the coloured cocobutter, and when I poured the twice tempered chocolate in there was a kind of oil and water effect between the two. The chocolate just wouldn’t stick to the edges of the moulds and just pooled at the bottom.  My attempts yesterday and today were a little better but nothing to write home about. I’ve now decided to make make one easter basket per household instead of individual eggs and I can fill them with lots of other stuff too.

I did have some success though. I made chocomelt plastique rather successfully and have spent the afternoon cutting flowers and bunny heads (to cover up flaws on my eggs lol). I’ve made plastique before but only from proper chocolate and I was curious to see how it would work with chocomelts. It works kind of like fondant but it a lot quicker to make. I used two bags of Jane Asher 160g coloured chocomelts from the Poundshop, but I’m sure you can use any choco, or candy, melts you can get from shops or Amazon. In a bowl I melted them really slowly in the microwave and then I poured in 95 grams of Karo light corn syrup which I got from Ocado, but again, you can get it from Amazon. Mix it together, but don’t overmix as it might go lumpy, and pour it onto the clingfilm and wrap it up. Leave in fridge for a few hours to harden up before using. When you’re ready to use it, cut a piece off and massage in your hands until it  goes soft, then using a rolling pin, roll it out between two bits of clingfilm and then cut your shapes. I used both sugar craft and biscuit cutters. If they go too soft and it’s difficult to get the cut shapes off the clingfilm, just pop them into the fridge for a few minutes. It really was a lot of fun to make them.

Fingers crossed that I get at least some of the eggs done by the weekend and I will post a pic of them then. Next year I’m buying eggs 🙂







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