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The drive to Col Buttero

Ciao peeps We’re on the last leg of our summer drive down to Italy. It’s gone remarkably smooth so far (knock on wood and spit :)) It might have something to do with us buying the Flexi fare with Eurotunnel as for the last few years, the trains across the channel have just been getting worse and worse, delayed every single time, and when you’re … Continue reading The drive to Col Buttero

Indie writers and how to make us happy

Good afternoon from a broadbandless Sussex. Second day of no Sky broadband and so to avoid having to spend the whole day writing Sospiro, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the difficulties indie writers have getting noticed. When I started writing Intervention, my first proper book, I had no intention of self publishing it. If it wasn’t done properly it wasn’t for me … Continue reading Indie writers and how to make us happy

All prepped and ready to relax

‘afternoon chaps and chapettes Tomorrow morning we are off to Italy for a whole month!!! It seemed such a long time ago since we started planning it and now it’s almost here. Yey. I’ve been running around like a mad woman trying to get the house in order and packing done and all the baby stuff we’re taking for the baby Bumble (my husband’s gorgeous … Continue reading All prepped and ready to relax