The unknown, unreviewed and unloved

Good morning chaps

This blog is for all authors who for some reason or other are struggling to get reviews. I have this problem myself and a few weeks ago I thought to myself, hey up, why am I just reading well-known authors when there are so many good writers out there that deserve more attention?

One of the reasons, I know, is that I’m not a keen e-reader and much prefer a real paper book, but it’s not possible for Indies to produce these at a price that people will pay for an unknown writer (incl me) but I will overcome this for the greater good.

Another reason is that they are difficult to find online as it is reviews that makes books visible on Amazon and Goodreads etc., and I have tried, to no avail, to contact Goodreads to find out why, when you search for a genre, say thrillers, only the first 2,000 books of a total of 13,500 are visible. This is a problem because I’m quite busy and haven’t got the time to spend hours scouring the web for a book to read.

Therefore, I have decided to ask writers themselves, via Twitter @megolesworthy , to send me links to their books on Amazon or Goodreads if they want me to read and review.

The books have to have less than five reviews and cost 99 cents/pence or less and I will not give a good review if the story does not deserve it. However, if I don’t like the book, I won’t finish it and therefore no review will be possible anyway.

I would also like to point out that I am not asking for reviews, or anything else, in return.

Here’s to finding lots of the brilliant books I know are out there.


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