Tomatoes and leftover bread = brushetta for lunch


Having spent the morning cutting back the garden I have been given leave to do with the afternoon as I wish – so I made brushetta.

The reason for this decision was that on the way home from Italy last weekend we popped into a French supermarket to get a bottle of wine or two because as you’re there, you might as well, and we also picked up about 4kg of tomatoes (E4.50 ladies and gentlemen, E4.50 for 4kg!!!). There is such a difference between tomatoes on the continent and here in the UK, including the price,  that the urge to buy as many as we could was impossible to resist. We gave half of them to my husband’s son in law who developed an addiction to sliced tomatoes and olive oil in the summer and the other half we have been eating away at throughout the week. There were still quite a few left in the bowl and it would upset me to see them go to waste so I thought to myself; a lunch time feast of tomatoe covered brushetta is what we need.

Brushettas are one of those things that benefit from fresh gorgeous ingredients, apart from the bread which benefits from being a day or two old.  Everybody will know how to make them but sometimes you just need to be reminded just how simple it really is.

Cut some good and ripe tomatoes into small pieces and put into a bowl. Drizzle good quality, golden coloured, olive oil and some salt and pepper over them and stir.

Cut some thickish slices of baguette, day old bread if you wish, and rub gently with a sliced in the middle piece of garlic.

Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium heat and put in your bread slices to lightly toast them. They burn easily so keep an eye on them.

Put your breadslices on a plate and spoon over the tomatoes. Sprinkly a little bit of black pepper on top if you like too. A nice addition to this would be torn basil leaves but I didn’t have any at home so couldn’t do that this time – but you should if you can because it will make them even yummier.

There was only me and hubby eating lunch and we finished the whole lot. Not a scrap of bread or dot of olive oil left. I think it counts as a success and it only took 15 minutes to prepare, including sticking the plates etc. in the dishwasher afterwards.

We still have some tomatoes left and I’ll need to put my thinking hat on for tomorrows lunch.

TTFN boys and girls


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