Indie writers and how to make us happy

Good afternoon from a broadbandless Sussex.

Second day of no Sky broadband and so to avoid having to spend the whole day writing Sospiro, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the difficulties indie writers have getting noticed.

When I started writing Intervention, my first proper book, I had no intention of self publishing it. If it wasn’t done properly it wasn’t for me and I would rather have the book rotting in a drawer forever than stick it on Amazon myself. Then, after 5ish rejections from agents,  my sister in law kept pushing me to do it and I  finally gave in and stuck both Intervention and its follow up The Waiter’s Game on Amazon. At the time it wasn’t to sell any copies, in fact I hoped they could just sit there un noticed for a while whilst I wrote my third one.  You see I had to park them somewhere to stop myself editing and re-writing them again and again and get on with a new story. When copies started selling to people I didn’t know I sat biting my nails wondering who they were and what they thought of it. I don’t bite my nails anymore but I still wonder what people think of them and still I don’t know because it’s seems impossible to get reviews. I just don’t think readers realise that reviews are the lifeblood of Indie writers and I, for one, would quite happily give my books away free for even the possibility of a constructive review.

I’ve now adjusted the price (and my royalty percentage) on Amazon to the lowest possible in the hope that it will generate more downloads which in turn increases the chance of a review. Let’s face it, what can you buy these days for less than a pound?

I’ll let you know if it works. Now I am going to stand in the middle of the street waving my phone in the air hoping for a signal to post this 😊



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