Back from Brighton…

I’m back from Brighton. Actually I got back yesterday but I sleep so badly at hotels that it takes me a day or so to get back to normal afterwards. Why do they whack on the heating at 2am?? Who knows. At least this time, there wasn’t an unknown man alseep in our room when we arrived. This actually did happen last time we were at the Ibis in Brighton and three weeks earlier in Colmar, France. Security in hotels does seem to leave something to be desired. Luckily enough we found it quite funny both times. I’m not sure if either of the two chaps did though.

Anyway, I had a gin (can’t remember the name of the brand but it ends in Pool) and tonic with orange slices at The Windmill pub in Brighton on Wednesday. I had it back in January when we were there last and it was so yummy that I tried, in vain, to recreate it back home. I had started to wonder if I had imagined it being so nice, I mean, really, who drinks gin with orange but my January experience was repeated and I can wholeheartedly recommend it as a sighing moment if you’re ever in Brighton. Google map pub and the girls behind the bar will know what you’re talking about.

Today I was going to ice some  biscuits and make everybody laugh at my flooding attempts. However, I’ve run out of time and 18 minutes ago I was supposed to have started Colin’s (my co-writer of T&MiBG) edits/re-writes. Do not worry, they will be done. What’s more of an issue is that we haven’t got a cover yet. For my previous books I’ve bought ready made ones  online but this one is special, this one has success written all over it 🙂 Also, I use one of my book covers (The Waiter’s Game) on twitter and a couple of months ago I was followed by a lady who has the same cover, with a different colour, but still… you know… not good enough.

I shall now get to work and next week I will ice those biscuits, if we haven’t finished them off by then.

Ta ta



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